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4,592 Independent Magazines, Radio Stations, Music Blogs, Spotify Playlists and More!*

8,592 Independent Magazines, Radio Stations, Music Blog, Spotify Playlists and More!*

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ONLY $19- 3,896 MORE SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS that play music from Independent Artists!!!: The Brand new 2021 version of an ADDITIONAL 6,987 Spotify Playlists! No List exists bigger than this one ANYWHERE ELSE. Expose your music to new fans and followers around the world!

How Fast do my purchases arrive?
You can download immediately on the "Thank you Page" after you purchase. :) Alternatively, you should receive an email within minutes after your purchase which will also include the download. Check your spam folder as sometimes it is filtered out. We recommend you download after purchase or confirm that you received your download email before you exit out of the thank you page. 

What formats do these books come in?
We give this massive list of Spotify Playlists in the form of CSV files separated by Genres. Pop, Indie, Rock, Alt, Hiphop, Rap, R&B, Urban, Chill, EDM, Electronica, and additional lists that accept all genres as well as various genres. 

"Go Viral" is sent in a PDF format separated by genre and type of media contact as well

What information do these lists include?
"Go Viral" includes any contact information that we could find!! (SO MUCH INFORMATION BY THE WAY!!) This includes names, emails, (lots and lots of emails!!!!), websites, and social media accounts. 

The 3,896 Spotify Playlist options includes the name of the Spotify playlist, the curator when possible, we include their email when they prefer to receive submissions that way, or we include their Spotify link where you can submit if they prefer submissions be done through that avenue. We also include any websites, facebooks, or other social media information we could gather when possible. 

What do I do with this information? 
I include video tutorials in "Go Viral" on what to send to these contacts, what to say, and even how to write out your emails so I help you every step of the way so that you can get your music out there!

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